About Moo-Poo Classic

Have you HERD the news?

The Erie High School Booster Club is excited to present the Moo-Poo Classic Fundraiser! Come join us as we watch cows make you MOOLA on your plot of land!

On Friday, October 19th, 2018 – 5:00pm until the Moo-Poo (Football game following: Roosevelt vs Erie) at the Erie High School Practice Field (Between Concession Stand and Stadium)


  • $10 will buy you the Deed to one plot of land
  • Each person may purchase more than one Deed and are not limited
  • Tickets can be purchased here online or at all Varsity Home Games through October 9th
  • Sales will end October 16th, 2018 at 11:59pm
  • The number of deeds is unlimited

Don’t delay, buy your deed today! All proceeds benefit the students of Erie High School through Academics, Athletics, and Fine Arts Activities. Thank you for supporting Erie High School Students: Our Stakeholders!

“Moo-Poo Classic” Rules and Regulations

  • The determined available space to hold the Moo-Poo Classic will be divided into equal squares and will contain the maximum allowable amount of Deeds up for donation (Actual dimensions will be the result of the total amount of deed donations received and available space).
  • $10 donations for each deed, will be collected prior to the event. Each person may obtain more than 1 deed and are not limited. (Example: $10 donation = 1 Deed and or $20 donation = 2 Deeds)
  • Moo-Poo Classic Rules:
    • Moo-Poo has to be at least three inches in diameter
    • If Moo-Poo lands on two squares then it goes to the square with the majority in it.
    • All winners will be contacted using the information provided on the deed.
    • You do not need to be present to win.
    • The total amount of Donations received will determine the final size of the area where the Moo can Poo. There will be no blank squares otherwise known as deeds in the designated Moo-Poo area.
    • Plot numbers will be randomly assigned within the designated Moo-Poo area and a key will be available for plot identification.
    • The cows will be brought in to the designated land of “Deeds” and the wait begins for the Moo to Poo.
    • There are three prizes and three poops, which the Moo-Poo has to be at least three inches to qualify as a Poo.
      • 1st Prize – $1,000
      • 2nd Prize – $500
      • 3rd Prize – $250

Moo-Poo Classic Winners

2017 Moo-Poo Classic Winners

1st Place Winner – $1000.00
Amy Krill

2nd Place Winner – $500.00
Candi Cloud

3rd Place Winner – $250.00
Stacy Lawrence

2016 Moo-Poo Classic Winners

1st Place Winner – $1000.00
Sarah Hargrave

2nd Place Winner – $500.00
Ruben Portillo

3rd Place Winner – $250.00
Susan Hill

2015 Moo-Poo Classic Winners

1st Place Winner – $1000.00
Mike Phillips

2nd Place Winner – $500.00
Loretta Hardin

3rd Place Winner – $250.00
Carrie Anderson

Chic-Fil-A Dinner and Dessert for 2
Joshua Bly