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Moo a FriendA new twist to Moo-Poo this year. Now you can give the gift of Moo-Poo to a friend. Simply complete the form below and pay $25 and our Moo-Poo fairies will set up lots of cows in your friend’s front yard. Your friend then has the opportunity to pay to have the Moo-Poo’s removed from their yard and then they can pay it forward to another friend.  You also get one deed for the Moo-Poo Classic with your purchase/donation.

A fun way to support the Erie Booster Club and support the students of Erie High School.

  • Price: $25.00
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  • Confirming that you are about to order $25 Moo-Poo a friend. Once you click to submit we will charge your credit card $25 and the information you have entered will be sent to our Moo'd Team to set up a day to Moo-Poo your friend.